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The City Council accepted the Master Plan on March 19, 2014. The Master Plan envisioned construction of new buildings within the Civic Center that include Council Chambers, library, facilities for town administration, the police department, the building department and public works. Bringing together the Town’s public services and public spaces, the Civic Center project hopes to create a “there there” to achieve a balance between meeting the community’s service needs at one location and providing a space for civic pride and engagement. The overall objective being to design and build a functional and attractive civic center that provides space for the Town's Administrative and Public Safety Services while simultaneously providing a welcoming environment for Atherton residents to conduct Town business.

The Council hired WRNS Architects in late 2014 to begin work on the Project's design. The CCAC worked with WRNS through 2015 and presented a Conceptual Master Plan to the City Council on October 7. The City Council accepted the Conceptual Master Plan and the project has moved forward ever since. As of March 2017, the Project has entered the Construction Drawings phase. 

During the course of the project, the City Council and CCAC committed to making sure residents are included in the process. The CCAC met monthly as a forum to provide ample opportunities for residents to express their ideas and opinions regarding the new Civic Center. A priority of the Committee was to make sure that information is readily available so residents could stay informed throughout the process.

Now that the project has entered the Construction Drawings Phase, the role of the CCAC has shifted to "as needed" for review of any significant change orders that materially affect the design of the building. A Project Management Subcommittee of the CCAC continues to be involved with staff at the line-level assisting with the Project's continued development.

 Meetings of the CCAC occur in the Atherton Council Chambers - typically on the 1st Monday of each month at 4:30 pm but are now scheduled only "as needed." These meetings are public meetings and you are always welcome to attend. For more information or to provide feedback/comments, feel free to contact George Rodericks, City Manager at (650) 752-0504 or any member of the Project Team listed to the right.

Please visit the Town's online Calendar and this web page for updates.

To arrange for a tour of current facilities, please contact Marty Hanneman, Town Engineer. Contact information for the project team is located in the right-hand panel of this webpage.

Exterior Design & Plans

Fair Oaks Oct 2016
Civic Court Oct 2016
Library 2016

The City Council initiated efforts to redevelop the Town Center by appointing the Civic Center Advisory Committee (CCAC) in 2013. The CCAC was chartered to advise City Council on the Civic Center Master Plan and on communicating with and reaching out to residents to gather feedback as the Civic Center Project moves along.

Atherton Civic Center Permit Application Set:

1. Drawings Bid Set - Vol 1  &  Drawings Bid Set - Vol 2

2. Specifications Bid Set - Vol 1 & Specifications Bid Set - Vol 2

100% Design Development Project Manual Outline Specifications (PDF)

100% Design Development Drawings approved by the Council in January 2017 (PDF).

100% Design Development Cost Estimate for Atherton Civic Center (PDF)

Atherton Civic Center Phasing (PDF)

Project Summary/History

In February 2017, the Council received a Civic Center Project History document detailing the history and progression of the project since its inception to today.

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Project Timeline

As of March 2018, the project is in the Bid Phase. It is anticipated that this phase will complete in May 2018. Following is a revised basic timeline for the remainder of the project: 

• Bid Phase: March 2018 - May 2018
• Construction Phase: June 2018 - August 2020

Project Cost/Funding

Measure L, approved by voters in 2012, restricted the types of funds that could be used for the design and construction of the new Town Center, generally requiring that more than half of the funds come from private donations and other non-tax sources, such as building fees or grants. The Town could not use General Fund or Parcel Tax Funds to design or construct the new Town Center. The costs associated with the Library could be funded by Library funds. Measure A, approved by voters in 2017, authorizes the Town to supplement donations and other project funding with General Funds.


The original cost of design for the new Town Center and Library totals approximately $3.2 million. There have been a few design change orders along the way that have increased this cost. Design Change Orders have related to rehabilitation/renovation of the historic Town Hall, renovation of the corporation yard to address its fit into the project area, sustainability features to bid as add-alternates for the project if funding permits, and minor design modifications.  
Design Phases
1. Master Plan Confirmation
2. Conceptual Design
3. Schematic Design
$304, 300
4. Design Development
5. Construction Drawings
6. Bidding
7. Construction Admin
Change Orders Include:

- Changes Associated with the SFPUC Water Line - $53,500
- Changes Associated with the Corporation Yard - $527,500
- Changes Associated with Ballistic Sheathing for Police Department - $37,000
- Changes Associated with Site Improvements/Enhancements - $134,000
- Changes Associated with Add Alternate PV - $108,960
- Changes Associated with the Addition of Historic Town Hall - $258,500
- Changes Associated with Phasing/Transition Designs - $104,000
- Changes Associated with Survey Services/Utilities - $44,900
- Changes Associated with Alta Surveys - $27,820
- Changes Associated with the SFPUC Water Line - $40,750
- Changes Associated with Library LEED Certification - $19,050
- (Pending) Changes Associated with Utility Easement Requirements - $106,200
- (Pending) Changes Associated with Landscaping - $6,000

Total changes thus far are $1,468,180 million.


The most recent Cost Estimate is the Feb 2017 Cost Estimate prepared by Mack5 (an independent cost estimator). In summary:
Building & Site Improvements
City Hall/PD/Building/Planning/Corp Yard
Library & Renovation of Historic Town Hall
Design and Other Soft Costs (permitting, staging/phasing, environmental, furniture, IT/AV, etc. - pre- and post-project)
Total Direct Costs
Specific Cost Contingencies (additional contingency funds built into construction cost estimates for each facility)
Total Estimate with Built-In Contingencies
The Library portion of the project is fully funded by Library revenues - including the Library share of the design and other costs (including built-in contingencies). This is a total cost of $18,783,220. The remaining costs, including built-in contingencies is attributable to City Hall/PD/Building/Planning/Corp Yard - $31,956,740

With the passage of Measure A, the Town anticipates funding the gap through the use of General Fund saved surplus. Over the last few years, the Town has saved approximately $12.5 million in General Funds while finalizing long-range capital improvement master planning. In addition to these funds, the Town anticipates another $7.7 million in General Fund surplus and ERAF over the project years. Between these available funds and funds raised by Atherton Now, the City Hall/PD/Public Works facility is funded.

However, the Town anticipates additional donations through Atherton Now and/or other sources to offset the use of General Fund savings.

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Project Documents

Links to City Council Milestone Meeting Packets

Architect Agreement and Scope of Work

Environmental Impact Report

EIR Scoping Meeting November 3, 2014 (PDF)
Initial Study Checklist (PDF)
Notice of Availability (NOA) (PDF)
Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) (PDF)

DEIR Appendices

A. Initial Study (PDF)
B. Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Background Modeling and Data (PDF)
C. Health Risk Assessment (PDF)
D. Cultural Resources Study for the Atherton Civic Center Master Plan (PDF)
E. Noise Monitoring Data (PDF)
F. Transportation Impact Analysis (PDF)

Final Civic Center Master Plan

Master Plan Document (PDF)
Site Plan (PDF)
Project Schedule (PDF)
Appendix A - Meeting Notes (PDF)
Appendix B - Powerpoint Presentations of Meetings (PDF)
Appendix C - Photos of Community Meetings (PDF)
Appendix D - Graphic Recordings (PDF)
Appendix E - Detailed Program (PDF)
Appendix F - Detailed Cost Estimate (PDF)
Appendix G - Survey (PDF)
Appendix H - Traffic Report (PDF)
Appendix I - Arborist Report (PDF)

Architect Submittals

WRNS Studio (PDF) 
Harley Ellis Devereaux (PDF)
Swatt Miers (PDF)
Siegel & Strain Architects (PDF)
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (PDF)
Architectural Services for Civic Center Design RFQ (PDF) 
Civic Center Architect RFP Note: distributed only to invited architects

Other Project Documents

Cost Comparison Summary - October 2015 (PDF)
Civic Center Cost Estimate - October 2015 (PDF)
Concept Design Summary - October 7, 2015 (PDF)
Conceptual Design - October 7, 2015 (PDF)
CCAC Recommended Conceptual Plan - September 2015 (PDF)
Mack5 September 2015 Estimate (PDF)
Concept No. 1 in JPEG Format
Concept No. 2 in JPEG Format
Pathway Scheme (PDF)
Linked Buildings (PDF)
Site Analysis (PDF)
Landscape Ideas (PDF)
SFPUC pipeline highlighted (1937 map) (PDF) 
Existing Conditions Plan - 2013 (PDF)
Civic Center Master Plan RFP - March 2013 (PDF)
HMC+BPA Draft Schedule | Timeline - July 2013 (PDF)
HMC+BPA Proposal - July 17, 2013 (PDF)
Community Workshop Graphic Recording - September 2013 (PDF)
Site Challenge Graphic Recording - September 2013 (PDF)
Likes Dislikes Diagram - September 2013 (PDF)
PowerPoint Presentation from Public Workshop #1 - September 17, 2013 (PDF) 
Master Plan Presentation to City Council - November 6, 2013 (PDF)
CCAC meeting agenda and reports - December 3, 2013
Atherton Town Center Site Master Plan December 11, 2013 (PDF)
Atherton Town Center Option 4.1 December 18, 2013 (PDF)
Mack5 Proposal - June 2014 (PDF)
RFP Q&A December 2, 2014 (PDF)

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