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Civic Center Project
Current Bid Posting - Proposal due July 10
Civic Center Project Management Services RFP
Civic Center Geotechnical Engineering Services RFP - Proposals due July 10 

The Town's Civic Center Committee CCAC began work in FY 2012/2013 developing a plan to bring a new Town Civic Center to reality.

The CCAC recommended HMC Architects to the City Council to develop the Town's Civic Center Master Plan. The Council awarded the contract in July 2013 and the HMC Team has started work on the project.

The proposed new town center will include council chambers, library; and facilities for town administration, the police department, the building department and public works. Bringing together the Town’s public services and public spaces, the town center projects hopes to create a “there there” to achieve a balance between meeting the community’s service needs at one location and providing a space for civic pride and engagement.

HMC organized a comprehensive and wide reaching community outreach program. The CCAC is committed to making sure Atherton residents are included in the process. The CCAC will provide ample opportunities for residents to express their ideas and opinions regarding a new town center. A priority of the Committee is to make sure that information is readily available, and easily attained, so residents can stay informed throughout the process.

Regular meetings of the CCAC occur monthly in the Atherton Council Chambers. These meetings are public meetings and you are always welcome to attend. For more information or to provide feedback/comments, feel free to contact George Rodericks, City Manager at (650) 752-0504 or any member of the Project Team listed to the right. As the project evolves please look for additional information via the Town’s website.

All meetings of the CCAC are public meetings. Watch the Town's online Calendar and this page for updates to meeting times and locations. For the latest "News Releases" for the Civic Center Project visit the News Flash page. To arrange for a tour of current facilities, please contact Gordon Siebert, Town Engineer.

Status of Project

Staff will presented the draft Master Plan to City Council on March 19th. The City Council unanimously approved the recommendations provided by staff: 1) accept the Master Plan and Project Cost Estimates; 2) Authorize the City Manager to initiate the Master Plan Environmental Review process; 3) Authorize the City Manager to begin preparations for the design phase of the project; and 4) Modify the Civic Center Advisory Committee’s (CCAC’s) charter (Exhibit 1) to include participation through the design phase of the project.

On May 21st, City Council authorized 3 Request for Proposal to be distributed. The Program Management RFP may be viewed under Bid Postings. A non-mandatory information meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 27th at 11 am in Town Hall.

Check back in July, August, and September for updates.

The staff report and associated documents can be viewed here.
Presentation to City Council: Overview of Master Plan Process

Final Civic Center Master Plan
Master Plan Document
Site Plan
Project Schedule
Appendix A - Meeting Notes
Appendix B - Powerpoint Presentations of Meetings
Appendix C - Photos of Community Meetings
Appendix D - Graphic Recordings
Appendix E - Detailed Program
Appendix F - Detailed Cost Estimate
Appendix G - Survey
Appendix H - Traffic Report
Appendix I - Arborist Report

Summary of Project

HMC led a public workshop encouraging residents to draw their ideal Civic Center. The architects synthesized user input and developed a number of options, which they tested in a series of six meetings held in different Town neighborhoods. HMC refined the alternatives with input from staff, the CCAC and City Council and presented a preferred alternative at a second public workshop in December. Key elements are a City Hall which includes Council Chambers, municipal departments, permit center, post office and police station, and a library facility set within a well-landscaped town center to create a focal point for the community’s civic services.

Project Documents
PowerPoint Presentation from Public Workshop #1 - September 17
Existing Conditions Plan
HMC+BPA Proposal - July 17, 2013
HMC+BPA Draft Schedule | Timeline
Civic Center Master Plan RFP
Community Workshop Graphic Recording
Site Challenge Graphic Recording
Likes Dislikes Diagram
Master Plan Presentation to City Council - Process Overview & Project Status - November 6, 2013
December 3, 2013 CCAC meeting agenda and reports

Atherton Town Center Site Master Plan December 11, 2013

Atherton Town Center Option 4.1 December 18, 2013

Civic Center Staff Project Team

George Rodericks

City Manager

Gordon Siebert
Town Engineer

Ed Flint
Police Chief

Theresa DellaSanta
City Clerk

Tom Fortin
SMCL Deputy Director


Civic Center Advisory Committee

Master Plan Consultants
HMC+Beverly Prior Architects
417 Montgomery Street, 8th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104